The son of god Poseidon needs your help to break the mortality curse which Zeus unleashed on all living beings of the universe.


Owner of Vegasbottleservice.com and vegasguestlist.com, investors are needed to help revive Vegas (Poseidon's and Atlas' favorite city), help pay his debt of $27 trillion dollars and crown him as the one true king of Olympus and the 7 seas.

Born in the TheMascara, Ghriss, Atlas Prince (aka lilpusseidon) is the son of Poseidon and Wonder Female.

Atlas was the Titan king of Mauritania (currently Algeria) in the old world where the final battle between the Olympians and the Titans took place.

After Donna Troy killed all the men in Themascara, Poseidon had a demigod son Atlas with Diana to protect the island from anymore attacks.

Atlas was the only immortal in TheMascara where he and the Amazonian women lived for eternity,


Zeus wasn't happy that Poseidon had broken a before time rule where no god or demigod shall ever be born outside of mount Olympus and had a demigod son in TheMascara.


Zeus convinced the Olympians to betray him and dethrone him from his rightful reign as king of Olympus and the 7 seas, Atlas led a rebellion against Zeus and the Olympians, as Zeus was about to lose the battle to Atlas  he used all his power which caused the collapse of mount Olympus on Atlantis, this caused all living beings in the universe including the gods to be trapped in the mortality cycle and forced Atlas to hold the celestial globe on his back for eternity until Atlantis and Mount Olympus rebuilds themselves.

Shall Atlas succeed in holding the weight of the world until then, he will be crowned as the new King of Atlantis